Paul Bremer and Dennis Kucinich are totally deluded, Patrick McHenry and George Will are likely quaaluded, David Wu and Bradley Whitford are enrapt, and Helen Thomas is trapped -- going to the same restaurants she's been going to since her 60's, or the 60's, whichever.

Go ahead, be a snitch. When you rat please put "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line, so we can tell what's what on our little blackberry screen. Just kidding, we don't have a blackberry, silly nerd.

* Saw Paul Bremer standing outside Rosa Mexicano [4/12] on the corner of F and 7th. Nice suit, but a fairly obnoxious bright teal tie. Upon eye contact, he dove into his blackberry as if trying to maintain some anonymity. Maybe if he disbands workers at Rosa Mexicano like he did the Iraqi Army, Lou Dobbs will give him another Medal of Freedom.

* Dennis Kucinich spoke to students at Harvard on Friday [4/13]. His wife came too, and she's hot! Literally twice his height with long red hair. Looks like the girl from That 70's Show. He took offense when people asked him what candidate he would support in the general election, insisting he did in fact think he could win the nomination.

* Saw Patrick McHenry last night [4/19] at the TV on the Radio show at the 9:30 club. Weird place to be given that he's a North Carolina Republican who two hours earlier on Hardball with Chris Matthews advocated bombing Iran once they obtain a nuclear device. Anyways, my friends and I debated on why he would be at the 9:30 club on a Thursday night and surmised that he must be banging his L.A. who's into indie rock or something.

* Tuesday night [4/17], saw Helen Thomas, dressed in red, dining with a woman her age and two women in their 20's eating dinner at Mama Ayesha's in Adams Morgan.

* Saturday (4/14) morning between 8 and 9 AM, I was standing in the lobby of the Holiday Inn Express on Wisconsin Ave. in Chevy Chase, when out from the back behind the elevators walked columnist/pundit George Will, sweaty and wearing jogging clothes that included a Princeton sweatshirt (this was the clincher for me that it was him, since he's an alum). We figured that, since he lives in Chevy Chase, he must have just been using the hotel's bathroom during his jog. Very little else was open around there.

* Sunday (4/15) Congressman David Wu, he of the "faux Klingons," was sitting at a table in the front window of Hawk and Dove. He had apparently just finished dinner and was enjoying a glass of red wine and a good book. Tried to see if it was the latest Star Trek fanfic but it appeared to be a basic paperback.

* Saw Bradley Whitford (or, as he'll always be in my head, Josh Lyman) at the Center for American Progress on Wednesday [4/18]. He was there for a meeting, I don't know what for. He was wearing a red scarf, and intently watching whatever powerpoint presentation was going on.


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