What makes John Bolton such an asshole? Is Joe Lieberman just pretending to be Jewish? How thankful is Tim Russert for the Sunday morning make-up gay at NBC? Does Chris Dodd hate his family as much as we think he does? Answer these and find out what part of George Stephanopoulos is "gorgeous and thick."

Make Wonk'd look like it's got a soda can in its pants by stuffing our inbox with sightings. Put "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line so we'll know to read it after the conspiracy theories.

* Saw former UN ambassador John Bolton striding down M St toward Connecticut Ave. yesterday [4/5] at lunchtime. I had always imagined a tall, burly guy who likes to push people at the lunch counter. I would never have guess that he is all of about 5'5" and downright petite. His eyes were locked on the pavement and was sporting a nasty snarl on his face. That whole Napoleon complex thing kinda came into focus.

* Was at the Nationals game on Easter Sunday (4/8) and saw fellow Jew Joe Lieberman in the next section over with what appeared to be his son and granddaughter. Because we couldn't drink beer, eat peanuts, popcorn or anything else offered at RFK this week, my friend snuck in some Kosher for Passover food. He wanted to offer the Independent Democrat a little nosh in exchange for dropping his support for the war, but I dissuaded him -- not because I agree with the war, I just didn't want him to get arrested for heckling a Senator (on Yontiff no less) and leave me without a ride home after the game.

* Saw Tim Russert on Saturday night [4/07] at Porter's watching the Boston College/Michigan State NCAA Hockey Championship game. He seemed a little upset at BC's loss, and it took a minute to recognize him since he wasn't as "put together" as he is on Meet the Press.

* Saw Senator Chris Dodd on a Tuesday morning [4/10] flight from Fort Lauderdale to National. The Senator was in first class, but traveling with a young woman and child (presumably his daughter/grandchild or mistress/illegitimate daughter) who were stuck in coach. Though he did visit with them back in the main cabin during the flight. Must have been in Florida courting the gay senior vote.

* Saw George Stephanopoulos on the corner of Connecticut and Florida [4/12] leaning against the traffic light and glued to his blackberry. He was wearing a sharp looking tan-colored suit, gorgeous thick hair shining in the sun.


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