Wonk'd: So Exciting Edition

Sightings of political figures, media types, and sports fans are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: Kimmel, Shou, Lockhart, Sullivan, Shields, Hunt.

Jimmy Kimmel was just [4/2] in Rosslyn at 1100 Wilson Boulevard.  I assume he’s there to visit the ABC affiliate.

My friend and I were leaving the E Street Cinema Saturday [4/3] evening when we saw a crowd of "important-looking" people being escorted in. I realized that it was Robin Shou and his entourage. I had just seen the preview for his new movie "Red Trousers" and recognized him--he must have been there for a screening. (He is known for starring in Mortal Kombat.) [Famous for Washington. Fine. - Ed.]

Yesterday [4/5] around 7:15pm, I saw a forlorn looking Joe Lockhart sitting in the window of Cafe Sofia on Columbia Rd. in Adams Morgan, staring expecantly out at the sidewalk. He was wearing a blazer and a hangdog expression, and, I'm not making this up, actually slowly stirring a drink with a cocktail straw, looking equal parts bored and lonely. Insert joke about Clinton White House here.

Spotted [4/6] Andrew Sullivan lingering outside of The Duplex diner on 18 and U. Had a bicycle. My life is just so exciting!

20 minutes ago [4/7]: Mark Shields eating lunch alone at the Au Bon Pain on 13th and G.  He seems to walk with difficulty, which is weird because I often see his fellow Gang-ster Al Hunt around, and he too seems to walk with difficulty.


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