Wonk'd Spectacular: Joe Wilson, Rob Lowe, Larry Craig, Elizabeth Kucinich ... and Wonder Woman!

Whoa, hey, is that a blurry picture of the famous secret diplomat, Joe Wilson? It is! What's he up to, these days? Well, if you believe our tipster "Sal," Wilson can be found these days campaigning for Hillary in tiny little towns, so that his wife can remain undercover. Join us for a super special weeks-late Wonk'd with appearances by Jim Webb, Chuck Hagel, Wonder Woman, Wolf Blitzer, Donald and Mrs. Donald Rumsfeld, Tom Ridge, Rob Lowe, Andrew Sullivan, Larry Craig and the always fetching Elizabeth Kucinich ... after the jump!

Seen somebody "famous for D.C." doing whatever people do out in public? Send us your sighting report -- and a cell-phone pic if you managed to snap one -- to tips@wonkette.com, with the subject line Wonk'd.

• I was at the 2nd district legislative caucus, for Washington state, on Saturday. It was at Skagit valley community college, in Mount Vernon, Wa. We were listening to speeches for the two running candidates and the person to give the speech for Hillary Clinton, was no other than former Ambassador Joe Wilson. Who started his speech complaining that his obituary will not say that "he was the last us diplomat to confront Saddam before the '91 gulf war" and will say "husband of Valerie Plame". He said he just flew in from Santa Fe and that he would fly back that night. Did not get a chance to talk with him. He was heading the door and I was hungover. I just snapped my one picture, I am not as cute as liz glover (6'4" and male) so I didn't want to weird him out.

• Stood next to Sens Jim Webb and Chuck Hagel as we waited to cross Constitution from The Capitol to Russell. From what I could hear they we're arguing over which would be a better Veep for Barry Hussein. Or they were boasting about how many VC they offed back in 'Nam.

• My boyfriend and I went to see Lynda Carter aka Wonderwoman sing in her cabaret show at the Kennedy Center this past Saturday (5/10). We didn't know what to expect, but she was fantastic and looks exactly the same as she did in the '70's somehow. Afterwards we crashed her afterparty reception thrown by Donald Trump's sister-in-law, where Wonderwoman's daughter and son and Wolf Blitzer were in attendance to boot. The silver-haired Wolf looked just as he does on TV; he ordered cranberry and club soda and was prattling away amiably with a gaggle of several plasticized-looking, older ladies. We wanted to harass him and ask him why CNN's coverage has degenerated so horrendously over the past 15 years but thought better of it, lest they should send us two underdressed, Virginia hobos packing.

• Just spotted the Rumsfelds walking down Kalorama west of Connecticut -- her with a walker, him with a cane. Both with nurses. Guess you walk to the corner with the hips you have not the hips you want.

• I was just in the Library of Congress (May 6) and I saw Elizabeth Kucinich go into a room that was hosting a training course on the Federal Budget Process. She is SO stunning in person. She left the class a bit early though, thus thwarting me in my plan to find out where she got her cute tote bag. Anyone know? Can anyone find out?

• Saw George Stephanopoulos today at the Breadline on Pennsylvania between 17th and 18th. He got his sandwich and sat down at the table next to where my dad and I were sitting. I noticed he got the chicken breast sandwich and french fries, but I saw no flag lapel pin.

• This is kinda lame but around 7PM , April 30, en route to Kennedy Center on Whitehurst Freeway I passed Tom Ridge in a black Mercedes chatting on his cell phone. He looked like he was enjoying his conversation as he was breaking DC law.

• I saw CNN's John King at the Capitol Hill Washington Sports Club, riding an exercise bike, at about 9:30 AM on Monday April 28. He quit his workout to talk to a middle-aged woman that I didn't recognize. Couldn't catch what they were talking about, but I did hear her say "Well, in ten days, this will all be over." [Venereal disease? -- Ed.]

• I rung up none other than Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez and his wife at the 18th and L Borders on Sunday in the afternoon. Mixing English and Spanish, his wife mentioned Karl Rove several times! I don't remember the book, but perhaps it was a gift? Also, no security I could see. Not a high enough cabinet member to warrant service protection? Nobody else recognized him, so apparently so.

• Earlier today (Saturday, April 26) I passed Rob Lowe and the Missus walking on M Street in Georgetown. He was enjoying a Starbucks and was very spring-like in madras shorts and a white shirt. Could have been coming from Third Edition (the original St. Elmo's).

• [SEPARATE SIGHTING, ONE DAY EARLIER] Saw Rob Lowe walking down Wisconsin in G-town today. He definitely got the dress code right with his blue polo and madras shorts. The only thing missing was the collar erection...

• Attorney General Mukasey was in Marvin Gaye park today. The Justice Department's Environment and Natural Resource Division held it's annual Earth Day event there. The AG showed up for a little while, wearing one of the commemorative T-shirts and very blue jeans. Mukasey helped plant a tree, and was even seen wielding a pick ax in an attempt to break up some particularly tough soil. Too bad his 3 man secret service detail didn't lend a hand. They might have been more effective with the pick ax.

• Just saw Ed "Nice Shirt" Henry get out of his baby blue Mercedes convertible on the corner of E and North Capitol. When I noticed it was him, I must have flinched. Which he mistook as interest. He - I shit you not - flashed a thumbs up. I was tempted to flash a different digit.

His tie matched his car.

• I was at Showtunes happy hour at JR's bar in Dupont, and happen to see none other than CQ columnist/MSNBC occaisional pundit Craig Crawford drinking a Budweiser and even singing a few showtunes lines now and then. A few weeks back, I saw a somewhat shady looking Andrew Sullivan also skulking around for a few minutes without a drink, starting out in the dark back corner under the stairs and promenading up and down the bar a couple of times before heading out.

• Larry "Super Tuber" Craig, at the SW Waterfront Safeway around 5:30 p.m. April 16 (yes, it really was him -- he has a boat down here). He was buying four jugs of V8 and two containers of gourmet WALNUTS! -- for real. He must've been getting ready for a wild, toe tappin' night on his boat. His stance was about average.

Thanks to all our Wonkette Operatives! We'll try to start doing these on time again, soon, although it's not so easy without our dearly departed intern Elise Rosen ....


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