Wonk'd: Still August Edition

Sightings of reality television "stars," political big shots, George Stephanopoulos, and other famous-for-D.C. types are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: Walsh, Cheney, Agassi, Graf, Carville, Stephanopoulos, McAuliffe, Omarosa, the Bachelors, Malkin, Ashcroft.

Not sure this even meets to minimal standards of FFDC, but (cable) reality TV, um, "star" Tim Walsh of Joe Schmo 2 is back to working behind the bar this week, including last night [8/19], at the Adams Mill in Adams Morgan.  I hesitate to call him a star or even claim he is FFDC since 1) apparently no one watched Joe Schmo 2 and 2) how big can you be if you're back to working behind the bar serving Miller Lite to drunk frat boys and kickballers a week after your (low rated cable TV) show ends?

Lynne Cheney was perusing books at the Barnes & Noble on M Street in Georgetown at 5:15p on Sunday 8/22/04. Secret Service agents out front. Lime green top, tan slacks and jowls.

Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf, looking casual and relaxed, with toddlers in tow. (I don't think the kid in that commercial about the right genes was there, though.) Andre didn't even look upset about his loss the night before. Also, he's taller than you'd think. Sunday, 8/22, at the Rose Park in G-town, around 23rd and O.

In your famous-for-DC category, James Carville was signing Trivial Pursuit 90s Edition promo slicks outside Union Station today at lunchtime [8/23].

Spotted: George Stephanopoulos, Saturday, 6 PM. On 22nd block of Q Street, NW. [8/23] I saw him as I was coming out of my apartment building. He was traveling westward, from Dupont, towards Georgetown, wearing sweats and carrying a bag. Clearly had just gone shopping in Dupont and was returning home to not-funny wife and (probably adorable) child. As we were the only two on the block, and I'd spied him nearly a block away, I watched him as one would view an eclipse -- quick glance towards, then look away before getting caught/burned; repeat process.  We did meet eyes, but neither of us smiled. He was still hot, though.

We saw Terry McAuliffe (for the second time this summer) kicking it at northbeach in Dewey. It was Sunday afternoon [8/22] at the beach bar, breazy and warm, the best part of the weekend. He was VERY tan and rested, sitting with two other guys and a youngish girl, with a big smile on his face. We greeted him but didn't introduce ourselves- didn't want him to ask for more money.

I saw that dumb bunny [Omarosa] walking up 19th St towards DuPont about ten minutes ago [8/27]. she looked just like a black female version of Donald Trump: two talentless fvcks who think that striking a pose of possessing talent is the same as being talented. anyway she was strutting along in her success suit, carrying her little success handbag. ugh, what is it about you Americans? oh you should carry out my idea, go over to Howard's library and actually read Omarosa's disseration: I can bet you it's a pretty hilarious read.

Friday, August 27, 2004 - The Bachelor is filming auditions in Foggy Bottom today.  The event is being held in the same building (though not in the studio) in which Crossfire is filmed.  All of Foggy Bottom is filled with new undergrad and grad students arriving.  Every once in a while, a way too "I-know-I'm-atractive-so-swoon" guy walks into the building.  Beefcakes instead of Pundits.  Brawn instead of Brains.  But that is probably too stereotypical.  Forgive me.  I'm sure some of these guys read books, newspapers, blogs and the like with their protein shake breakfasts or watch CNN while lifting weights.  Maybe one of these guys will make it this time around. As I recall, another DC-type was up for the role in a previous season, but Andrew Firestone beat him out in the end.

I was having dinner with friends at DC Coast on Saturday night at 8:00 [8/28]. I had a perfect view from my table of the TV above the bar and saw a recap on MSNBC of Chris Matthews thrashing Michelle Malkin. Shared a few laughs with my friends over that and told them about her and how Chris Matthews made her look like an "idiot". Anyhow, I glance over a few tables and who do I see but the royal bitch herself. I could not help but continually look to validate it was her. Thankfully, Hardball was playing on the TV! She's an effing disgrace to filipino-americans (I, myself, being one). I'd love to stick her parents in a camp for a few years in Wyoming and THEN see if that might change her views. Her extremist POVs are just WEIRD. She must have had some crazy childhood... I'd love to be her psychoanalyst to see what her crazy motivations are. Ciao!

Mr Attorney General lives on Capitol Hill! Spotted him coming out of his home near the US Supreme Court. [8/31] He was accompanied by security guards. A security car is also positioned across the street from his house. I hope the protesters show up soon!


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