Wonk'd: The First Edition

exciting, no?· Who should be a little more careful where they're wheeling their oxygen cart? Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, who showed up at 2941 ("one of the most glamorous restaurants in -- or outside -- town" says Tom Sietsema), with three companions and said cart in tow, just in time for the restaurant's special celebration of "the various regions of France." Excuse me, don't they mean the "various regions of freedom"?

Alright, people, that's what we have to work with in the slavish-imitation-of-Gawker department (and a big shout-out to Wendy for intuiting that we needed this kind of thing). Seen any congressman getting a little too close to the interns at Politiki? Spotted Tucker Carlson with his bow tie asunder? Grover Norquist in a dress? Caught Teddy Kennedy handing someone else the keys? (Okay, probably not, but we can hope, right?) E-mail us at the address at top of the right hand column: tips-at-wonkette.com. It's on you.

2941 [2941Restaurant.com]


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