It's nice when Wonk'd has at least one "famous-for-famous" sighting, not that we don't love our 3rd string journalists and local politicians. This week there's Robin Williams, whose hair plugs and recent mediocrity don't really affect the fact that he is still an actual movie star. Others spotted this week are Wonkette favorites Tucker Carlson and Tim Russert, as well as much-reviled though oft-seen Bob Novak . You get these and the best High School economics teacher ever, after the jump.

Restaurants, airplanes, and book stores are where sightings always seem to be from. If you're in any of those, and we know your hungry, traveling, and nerdy selves are - email us with who else you see. Don't forget to put "Wonk'd" or "Sighting" in the subject line and the name of the person that no one in California would ever recognize. East Coast bias: it's really all we've got. Thanks!

  • I had the pleasure of flying from Atlanta to Boston on September 21st. Ben Stein was sitting in the very back of first class, which on this plane was the equivalent of a bathroom on a normal plane. He ignored anybody who intimated that they recognized him and was using an actual metal backscratcher, presumably to get at an itch in a hard to reach place. It was quite creepy and full confirmation of his obviously woeful physical condition.

  • Tuesday [10/3] I saw Larry King stalking purposefully down Connecticut Avenue, near Farragut North, south of K St. He was wearing a spanking new lambskin looking motorcycle jacket which looked approximately 200 years younger than he. Daylight was not kind - he's definitely a creature of the night.

  • Friday [10/6] I saw Bob Novak crossing H St. on 16th across from the Capital Hilton. It was raining, he carried an umbrella and walked through the puddles across the busy intersection - apparently the traitor leaking the identity of CIA agents gig doesn't pay that well? It was raining sheets, no idea why he didn't take a cab.

  • Going through the security gate at National on Saturday [10/7] morning when who do we notice in line behind us? None other than "Dancing with the Stars" reject/heterosexual-page-scandal-predictor Tucker Carlson. He was wearing a sportcoat with Levi jeans that were for too baggy in the seat for our liking. He also had on those awful plastic "Crocs" sandals, which means his bare feet touched the floor when he took off his shoes to go through the security gate. Ew! Saw him again later in the airport's CNBC magazine shop, his little cable television show was playing on the monitor when he walked in, giving us the surreal opportunity to cast one eye on virtual Tucker and the other on Tucker in the flesh. Surprisingly, he looks better in person. We saw him again when we boarded our flight to Dallas, passing him in his first class seat as we headed toward ours in steerage.

  • Saw Robin Williams last Thursday night [10/5] in Barnes and Noble in Georgetown. 10 minutes to closing, walked right past me as I waited for at the information desk. I said hi, he returned it, but clearly wasn't in the mood for idle chitchat.

  • Saw Tim Russert drinking beer and taking intermittent cell phone calls at Figaro on W. 44th St. in NYC Wed. night [10/11]. One lady said something obnoxious to him about "moving to the middle" blah blah blah - his reaction was to help her kid with her homework. He's chubbier and shorter than on TV.

  • I saw Linda Cropp on the Beltway today [10/9]. She was talking on a cell phone (no hands-free), and speeding. We waved, she smiled. Her gold Jag's license plate read "DC Council Chairman," and she exited at Georgia Avenue.

  • Spotted EJ Dionne walking out of the Brookings Institute on Mass Ave. around 3:45pm on Oct 12. He's a pretty small dude -- I'd guess the TV adds 6 inches. He was in a serious hurry.

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