Wonk'd: The Prince of Darkness -- on a Bad Hair Day!

robert novak as munchkin mayor.JPGAsk and you shall receive! We issued an impassioned, Sally Struthers-esque plea for D.C. celebrity sightings; and you, our beloved readers, came through big-time. In fact, we harvested such a rich trove of items from you that we'll be sharing the results with you in multiple installments.

Let's get the day started with two sightings of Robert Novak -- the Prince of Darkness himself, the man so many of you love to hate. Here's the first:

Tuesday, 1/31: Saw Bob Novak in the lobby of the Army Navy Club. Instead of looking like his usual evil and Satanic self, the wind had made his hair resemble whimsical wisps of white cotton candy. He resembled the mayor of Munchkinland (scowling of course) more than Beelzebub.

And here's a second helping of Novak -- with an overheard cell phone conversation on the side!

A colleague and I were traveling to Atlanta last Wednesday on the 12 p.m. Delta Shuttle. Robert Novak was seated directly in front of me on the plane. While we were waiting on the runway, he was screaming loudly into his cell phone. All that disclosing of CIA agents must have had an impact on his hearing! He seems to have physical trouble, so it's not just his poor listening skills.

The only intelligible part of the conversation we overheard was:

Novak: " Who was it? Who said it?"

(answer from the other person on the phone)

Novak: "Was it Lieberman? I bet it was Lieberman. He doesn't have a conscience."

Might I also add, his hair was completely disheveled.

Forget about insulting a U.S. Senator -- that's all in a day's work here at Wonkette. But bad hair, in our book, is unforgivable! (Except when the hair in question is our own -- unlike most people, we don't bother to shower or comb our hair before showing up to "the office.")


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