Wonk'd: The Return of Matthew Yglesias

Sightings of political figures, media types, and Mark Shields are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: Babbitt, Dodd, Rumsfeld (twice!), Hubbel, King, Shields, and -- yes -- the Matthew Yglesias.

I just [4/16] saw Bruce Babbitt (swoon!) walking southbound on Connecticut Avenue near the Mayflower Hotel.  He was looking suitably secretary-of-the-interiorish in a blue-and-green lightweight parka thing.  I briefly considered favoring him with my best Babbitt impersonation ("I'm not afraid to stand up and say that I will raise taxes!") but we were walking in opposite directions and the moment passed....

A very confused Sen. Chris Dodd was at Reagan National Airport today [4/14]. At around 2:15, he wandered up to gate 19 and asked a passenger if this was the flight to XX. When told it wasn't, he meandered on over to Gate 18, presumably the correct one, although he may be on a plane to the Bahamas all we know. He was alone, running late and looked exactly like you'd expect Sen. Chris Dodd to look.

Friday morning [4/16] poolside in Palm Springs, I saw bloggers Andrew Sullivan and BoiFromTroy, talking about what else, their blogs and other bloggers, like Mickey Kaus and Ana Marie Cox. Sullivan, who was much shorter than I imagined was overdressed for thew crowd in shirt-and-tie. He took particular interest in the Boi's U.S. Marines Operation Enduring Freedom polo shirt, mentioning an ex boyfriend who had been in the service. . .

A friend called me on her cell phone Friday [4/16] night to report that she had just passed Rummy dipping into Comfort One Shoes on Connecticut Avenue in Dupont Circle with a "lady." Call me a southerner, but you can't be a lady if you're out shoe shopping with McNaRummy. And was it her, or him, that was looking for more comforable shoes? Maybe looking at those trendy Naot shoes made in Israel now that GeeDubya has crawled into Sharon's pocket. Phew. I feel better already.

[Different person, same sighting!] Saw Donald Rumsfeld on Friday [4/16] night at the Comfort One Shoes on Connecticut.  Besides his security, he was with his wife who was daringly disobeying all rules having to do with white and Memorial Day. 

Just now [4/19]: Webster Hubbell walking south on Connecticut near the Mayflower Hotel.

Larry King at the Ritz this morning [4/19]. It was 7am.  He looked perplexed, perhaps still shocked after Saturday's interview with Ted Olson who actually had the balls to complain about partisanship on the 9/11 commission.  Ted Olson complaining about partisanship! The hypocrisy! Gotta love it.

I don't know if this even counts as news anymore, but I saw [4/19] Mark Shields at the 717 14th Street CVS. No nasty medical angle here: he was just in the front part of the store, Aisle 5 I think. Three sightings in six months: maybe he is stalking me.

This afternoon [4/19] , Starbucks on R and Connecticut (the "bloggers' Starbucks"): Matthew Yglesias, chillin' on Patriots' Day, smokin' Camels, drinkin' iced coffee. . . lookin' very hot. And I don't just mean hot. I mean hot. Like sweating.


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