Wonk'd: The Return of Matthew Yglesias. Also the Vice President.

not really a crush. more like we worship him from afar.Sightings of political figures, adorably nerdy polibloggers and other persons of interest are sent in by readers. Send yours to .

[A] random Matthew Yglesias sighting at Best Buy at Bailey's Crossroads Wednesday night. He and some other dude were talking about cellphones. Matt still carries an old Motorola StarTAC! How shameful!

Was catching the 8 am flight to Atlanta (Delta) out of National. There was the regular mob waiting to get inspected. Trenchcoated, briefcased, whiteheaded Newt Gingrich walked and chatted with a pack of flight attendants around the mob, presumably, to skip the long line and pass through the service entrance. Several minutes later, for whatever reason, he walked himself back to the end of the line to presumably wait like the rest of us good Americans.

I was walking up P St a week ago, and had to stop at 20th and P NW for a huge motorcade to pass by. I glimpsed Dick Cheney in one of the limousines. He was not dead yet. (link that to "http://www.isdickcheneydeadyet.com/") He may have just been passing through that night on his way to the VP residence, but I prefer to think he may have had some extra-special reason for passing through the Dupont Circle area.


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