Wonk'd: There Are Apparently Very Few Women In D.C. Edition

we kid. we HEART josh.Sightings of political figures, media tyes, Ivy League polibloggers and other persons of interest are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: Ted Koppel, Josh Marshall, Mark Shields, Andy Card, and several notable DC Catholic folks.

Saw Ted Koppel at lunch at High Noon at 19th and M. (I suppose it's not that far from ABC's studio down Connecticut.) He looked great for a 63 year-old and his bouffant puts Tucker's to shame. The one odd point is that he's much shorter than one would expect. His shoes have extra-large heels to give him an extra inch of stature.

Monday afternoon, Josh Marshall (pretty sure it was him; no Princeton sweatshirt, so who knows? ). He was walking down 19th, just below Dupont Circle. Moving from the R St. Starbucks to the M St. Starbucks?

Nationally known columnist, commentator and political pundit Mark Shields…in the National Press Club elevator on Thursday afternoon. He was wearing a frighteningly mismatched blazer-pant-tie combination and looked incredibly disheveled. He was, however, very outgoing and asked how the day was treating me before our ride to the lobby level concluded. It occurs to me that he looks very much like Barney Martin, the actor who played Jerry’s dad , Morty, on Seinfeld.

Andrew Card and wife getting into a Georgetown restaurant on 36th and O [Feb 20] evening. Just happened to pass by after a screening of the movie "Osama" by the Afghan Embassy at Georgetown U.

Your Catholic "wonkette spy" got a sneak peak at the new Mel Gibson's big fuss film . . . I spotted Joe Farrah from Worldnetdaily.com, and Griff Jenkins (a long time Ollie North and Tony Snow producer).  NBC-4's entertainment guy Arch Campbell was interviewing people outside the Cineplex Odeon theater afterwards but we escaped the glare of his lens. Various MSNBC producers,  as well as a POS pollster. Oh, and there was some geeky guy (no doubt a serious movie critic) up front who actually had his laptop up and running doing the movie. [Wonkette spy also reports that he really liked the movie. And it's not anti-Semitic at all.]


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