Intern Nick is on vacation this week (along with the rest of DC), so your dedicated editors had to compile this edition of Washington's favorite unverified stalking guide all by themselves. Pity us, and learn where Helen Thomas eats, and the places Robert Novak has been known to walk by. Also: did you know that C-Span anchors are celebrities? Brian Lamb sure didn't! That was the week that was, after the jump.

  • saw senator bill nelson and senator mel martinez at the orlando airport on monday morning [7/30] waiting for our flight back to dc. nelson was extremely friendly and recognized all who recognized him with a nod. mel not so, friendly and a little too smug. on the flight, as expected, martinez sat in first class while nelson sat with us plebians in coach.

  • Just spotted [8/4] C-SPAN sexpot Brian Lamb at the Union Station Au Bon Pain. He looked radiant in a black suit and shiny black kicks. It's not a super huge find since he's a usual at Union Station but, seeing as you're so regularly and so plaintively appealing for sightings, I thought I'd pass it along.

  • I am not sure if these have to be local to DC... I saw Al Franken, of SNL fame and very likely Democratic challenger to Norm Coleman in MN's 2008 US Senate race, wondering in Downtown Minneapolis [8/4]. He was wearing blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and a Jansport backpack. He looked like it was his first day of junior high and he couldn't find homeroom.

  • Today, (August 6), I saw Elizabeth Dole in the CVS at the Watergate. As usual, her makeup was heavy and her hair done up like Hillary Clinton. Someone had spotted her, and was talking to her about a story on the Sunday NYT. She said to the woman, "Bob and I wrote big checks." As she was leaving, she said "all I can say is give money and volunteer."

  • I was at the Baja Fresh at 18th this afternoon [8/8] enjoying some cheap, generic Mexican food and saw Helen Thomas a few tables over doing the same. She was sitting with a younger woman eating what appeared to be the 3-taco platter. It was only slightly less entertaining watching her eat tacos as it was watching her chase Stephen Colbert in his WH dinner video. Amazingly, none of my fellow co-workers cared when I got back and shared this extraordinary occurrence with them.

  • Today (8/10) about 1:10 pm, my coworker and I were eating at Subway on 18th near M St when we saw Robert Novak walk south on 18th. He was wearing a suit and all hobbled over like the crabby little worm that he is. We debated dashing out of the Subway to yell "douchebag!" and throw a soda at him but did not.

  • I saw Jim Lehrer walking hand in hand with his wife up Wisconsin in Georgetown Thursday night [8/10]. They looked very sweet together.

  • Chris Matthews and son (?) were having dinner right next to our group at 2 Amy's last night [8/10] around 8:30--Kathleen Matthews (fresh of the 7 o'clock news?) joined them a little later. Chris needed a change of shirt, and we ended up walking out at the same time as their group. I barely got a thanks when I held the door for him, nor did he hold the door for my friend who followed behind him. Must have been a rough day...

  • A very tan (and much taller than I expected him to be) Carl Tuckerson walked into Cafe Milano on Thursday evening [8/10], shared a few laughs and some conversation with a tall thin blond female and another guy at the bar until George Stephanopoulos showed up about 20 minutes later. The two were then seated at their own table in the main dining area, where they had dinner and seemed quite engrossed in their conversation. Should we be keeping an eye out for "Mornings with Tucker and George" on MSNBC perhaps???

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