Wonk'd: We Ask for Stephanopoulos, We Get Stephanopoulos Edition

Sightings of George Stephanopoulos and other famous-for-D.C. types are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: Sharpton (a few times), that little Greek guy (we lost count), Shields, Cleland, Earle, Gephardt, Field, Matthews, and Chambliss.

The last couple times I've stepped inside the Georgetown Barnes & Noble I've run into "famous" people. The first time was a couple Fridays ago [6/18]. Al Sharpton--looking dapper and somewhat slimmer in an all-gray outfit--was standing in line to buy a book (Al on America, perhaps?). Then, last Saturday afternoon [6/26] I was heading toward the 2nd floor cafe and nearly collided with a stroller pushed by none other than George Stephanopoulos (or, as my out-of-town friends said, "Who?").

6/23, 6pm - He's [Stephanopoulos] walking up Mass Ave towards the observatory, in workout gear. Holding dumbells and lifting them up over his head, out to the side, and then down. Over the head, out to the side, and then down. (He stopped when he saw me coming.) I snuck a peek and he does have nice arms...

Saw Stephanopoulos jogging up Mass Avenue a week ago [week of 6/27].  He wasn't moving that fast, but he was drenched in sweat.  He was carrying two of those tiny little barbells, one in each hand.  They were the size that my grandmother-in-law uses. Also saw Matt from Survivor Amazon in Montgomery Mall on Saturday [6/26].  He was walking through Sears, carrying some sort of gardening implement. 

Mark Shields shuffling down Connecticut Avenue and making a turn in to the Mayflower just about time for Wednesday night [6/30] happy hour.

June 30, I saw Max Cleland being pushed in a non-powered wheelchair past the AFL-CIO headquarters and then south toward the White House on 16th street. The guy pushing him was asking if he wanted to go to an upcoming picnic for Kerry's campaign, which was on an entirely grassy field and was likely to only have port-a-potties. Cleland answered, "Sure, why not?"

George Stephanopoulos was on the Hill thursday [7/1]. He spoke to Congressional interns in the Caucus room of the Canon House Building. Basically he only took questions (obviously didn't have a speech). When asked about Kerry's VP, said he wanted a "unity ticket" and said Edwards and the other probables aren't the answer to a win for Dems. A young bitchy staff assistant that seemingly put on the event was yelling at interns the entire time. An overcrowded 500+ showed up and there were only 200 seats. She wouldn't let any others sitting on the ground, citing that she wanted to "keep the decorum" of the caucus room. Not really news there...just venting - you would too if you worked 9-6 5 days a week without pay.

Thursday July 1 6:30 p.m. Amongst Hill interns overflowing sidewalk trying to get into Politiki or Hawk and Dove spotted a shades-clad Steve Earle in red No Executions t-shirt. Looked like he had just fed the meter (why after 6? maybe a prior arrest in DC? doesnt want to take any chances?) and waited for tall blond to get out of car before walking west towards Capitol.

Shook Al [Sharpton]'s hand on Thurs 1 Jul when I saw him standing in front of the the Four Seasons Hotel in Manhattan chatting with the doormen. Said "we've got some work to do before November" and he said "yes we do."

Not sure if this is newsworthy to you at all, but Dick Gephardt was at the 9PM "Farenheit 9/11" showing in Shirlington tonight [7/2].  He waited in line to get in just like the rest of us, and presumably enjoyed it like the rest of us as well.

We saw actress Sally Field strolling outside the Watergate apartment complex before and after this year's July 4 fireworks. She was accompanied by a cue ball headed guy in a black buttoned-down shirt. He looked more like a weasly Kojak than any of the priests from "The Flying Nun." Washington Post's website says she's starring in a Kennedy Center production of "The Glass Menagerie" from July 17 to August 8, so she's probably in town for that.

Saw Chris Matthews at Pumpernickel's Bagel Shop on Conn ave up in Chevy Chase yesterday [7/5] morning at 10:30. Talked on his cell phone the whole time... something about being into work in a half hour, nothing really interesting. It was a conversation best suited to have in the car, but of course that is illegal now.

Saxby Chambliss on the 6.50 am flight from Jacksonville, Fl to National airport today [7/6]. He was tanned, looked rested and was engrossed in what I fervently hope was an improving book. I considered apologizing for mooning his campaign headquarters in Buckhead, Atlanta in 2002, but he looked so happy that I did not want to reopen that old wound. I am told he still thinks of it.


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