Wonk'd: We'd Been Letting These Pile Up, Sorry

Sightings of political figures, media types, and actual celebrities are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: Clay Aiken (really!), Danny Glover (yes!), and, uh, Joe Lockhart.

Clay Aiken, the guy who came in second (by a smidgeon) in last season's American Idol, was up on Capitol Hill this morning [Note: This did actually happen this morning] for a grip'n'grin with Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa and Rep. Jim Langevin (D-RI) to promote youth service and "National Youth Service Day" coming up in April. Aiken, who has been on a grueling concert tour with fellow "Idol" star Kelly Clarkson, almost had to whisper his way through the press conference in order to save his voice for his concert tonight at the MCI Center. But that didn't stop the Mansfield room in the Capitol from getting packed with about 100 young staffers who, when it was over, were able to pose for group pictures with Aiken.

Ran into Danny Glover in a shoe-repair store at 21st and P last night. He was picking up black Tumi luggage. Well dressed, and well coiffed, Mr. Glover had an amicable relationship with the shop people. One asked Mr. Glover for another picture, which he politely accepted.

I saw Tom Daschle dining last night with his wife and two other guests at Chef Geoff's on New Mexico Avenue. He had a burger and his gorgeous wife had the smoked salmon salad.

Michael Wilbon sighting at Cafe Deluxe. . .He's not political, but he'd endorse Michael Jordan for president....

Dick Armey on 20th and M last week [early Feb. Told you we were behind.]. Waited for a couple of aides to get into a cab before he joined them. Smoking a cigarette like it was his last. Looked LBJ-esque in cowboy hat and boots.

I [had] an extremely weird Joe Lockhart run-in yesterday (at least I think it was him). Saw him hurrying down Mass. Ave near 7th St. yesterday in the rain, sans coat, wearing a sweater vest instead (why?). His hair can only be described as Einstein-esque. Well, actually, I guess it could be Beethoven-esque. Either way, not good for somone under 75.

Saw Margaret Bush (wife of Marvin Bush) at the DC Glassworks open house in Hyattsville, MD on Saturday

2/21. She looked very tan and very casual in jeans and a black sweater. She was admiring the handmade glassware for sale and chatting with others quite pleasantly.

I saw Mark Shields walking out of Metro News at 12th and G at around 2:10 p.m. He looked a little tired, and his tie was unknotted. Still, he did not appear to have the cough that was bothering him in October when I saw him on the Dulles Flyer.


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