Wonk'd: We'll Take the NYC Sightings that Are Too Boring For Gawker Edition

Sightings of political figures, media tyes, and sometimes even actual famous people are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: Newt Gingrich, Dick Morris, Chris Rock, Al Sharpton and John Kerry.

Around 2:30 [today, 3/25] on L St. between 16th and 17th I saw John Kerry get into a limo and drive off. It was pretty funny. This crowd was gathered in anticipation of his coming out of some building, but when he came out almost no one cheered. Then as he was being driven off he was giving the thumbs up and clapping, like he wanted the people in the crowd to clap. But almost no one did.

I saw Newt Gingrich a couple weeks ago walking across the street in Dupont Circle. He had a young clearly Republican male aid walking next to him hanging on his every word.

Saw disgraced political hack/Fox news conservative shill/undistinguished author Dick Morris enjoying a late dinner at tony, Lincoln Center-convenient Indian restaurant Sapphire Saturday night, a picture of blue-blazered smarminess, accompanied by a decidedly frumpish woman.(His wife? Couldn't say? Is he still married, anyway?) I asked the other members of my dinner party to dare me to walk past his table and say "toesucker" in a loud voice, but much ambivalence ensued (the very nice staff at Sapphire seems to like Mr. Morris very much), and I thought, well, my girlfriend (home with a cold), who frequently entreats me to behave myself, wouldn't approve. So I get home and tell her the tale, and she says, "Oh, you absolutely should have done it! Thatman is slime!!!"

I saw Al Sharpton in a tony [yup, two correspondents, one sort of unusual word choice] cigar club in New York last week. One of my companions queried the Reverend Sharpton on how he could afford to be there, yet could not afford to pay damages for the Tawana Brawley libel suit.  The Reverend insisted that had been paid long ago.  Factual?  I don’t know. [Believe so. . . ]

He's Blaacckk! Chris Rock sighted in Georgetown Loews bringing some edginess to the depressingly uptight confines of DC. Sporting the requisite black Kangol, he and two other guys--one a 40ish-something white guy and a short pudgy black guy (who might have been the bodyguard, but looked anything but menacing)--appeared headed for the evening show of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. No sign of groupies.


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