Wonk'd: We're Getting There Edition

Sightings of political figures and other persons of interest, particularly hot ones, are sent in by readers. Send yours to .

In this edition: People under the age of 80. (Thank you!)

· Andrew Sullivan spotted at Results the Gym. granted I see him there every 3 weeks. he was wearing a skimpy white tank tucked into gap jeans and biker boots. I am not sure how one works out in jeans and biker boots but I guess A.S. wants to appear tough. effing war-monger.

· OK my friend went to the California Democratic Convention in San Jose two weekends ago. She was hanging about and ran into Wes Clark Jr. He asked her "Dont I know you?" She said "No..." He said "You look familiar." She kept saying "No." Then he said "You look exactly like a girl I used to date in college." She was like OK. My friend's a Kerry supporter. I told her to email this to you but she didn't want to! . . . I forgot the best part!! Wes Clark Jr asked my friend "Are you Punjabi" as in Indian from the Punjabi area. She said "no! the exact opposite." She's from south india. [Ed. note -- The cute ones are always a little dumb.]

Yes, it's a slavish imitation of the impossibly difficult to truly emulate Gawker Stalker. (Where's our Matthew Pitt? Where's our Claire Danes? We would settle for Ian Holm!) And no, we don't care.

Gawker Stalker: Now With More Bacon [Gawker]


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