Wonk'd: We've Learned Our Lesson from That Whole Matthew Lesko Thing Edition

Sightings of obscure mini-celebs, war criminals, and other famous-for-D.C. types are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: Woodruff, Rove, Stephanopoulos, Kissinger, Lockhart, Clarkson, Novak, Carville.

I saw judy woodrufftoo. at national airport waiting to get picked up last sunday night [5/16] I had to keep glancing at her cause she looked familiar but I couldn't quite figure out how. she looked like some friend of my mom's from garden club or something in her boring capri pants until i realized she's on cnn. also at national on friday [5/14] I saw helen thomas sitting in this gross dark airport bar huddled over an irish coffee looking dazed at 11AM. oh and who cares about that cake love dude, warren brown, i saw him at results this morning wearing a "run against bush" tee -like his $5 cupcakes need any more publicity.

[S]aw Karl Rove walking toward the OEB from the NEB, Monday [5/17] morning.  No one with him.  Considering large groups of people consider him evil incarnate . . . shouldn't Karl have a body guard?

Spotted two mini-celebs in the space of 72 hours last week [5/17], but only just now getting around to telling you about it. Of course, "mini" celeb has multiple meanings here because I bumped into George Stephanopoulos  (nearly knocking him to the pavement) on the little strip of sidewalk between the inner and outer rings of Dupont Circle. I'm not a Yeti or anything, but he was tiny! Even though we were walking the same direction, George S. scampered ahead of me like an excited small breed dog (down Conn Ave, conveniently towards ABC News HQ) and was out of range before I got to the Big Hunt.

Next mini celeb was the surprisingly hobbit-like Henry Kissinger, who slipped out of a tremendous SUV in front of the Palm while I was dining with other plebes at C.F. Folks. Kissinger had a quick exchange with the limo driver, eyeballed passers-by briefly and disappeared into the swank (and skanky, in my opinion) confines of D.C's favorite long-beat power lunch trough.

My dining partner said, "you don't see a war criminal every day."

Joe Lockhart was at Local 16 last night [5/19] having dinner. Not sure he rises to the level of famous, but I thought I'd send it anyway. [Famous for D.C. Totally counts.--Ed.]

Patricia Clarkson, walking her dog near the Watergate around 12:30pm. [5/20] She was sporting an I'm-not-a-b-list-celebrity-really-i'm-not United Artists baseball cap and sunglasses.

Does George Stephanopoulos take restaurant advice from Matthew Yglesias? Saw him eating bruschetta at Sette Osteria today [5/24]. Alone. But reading a Financial Times. Sad.

Seen at about 9:30 this morning [5/28] near the First Street (NE) entrance to the CNN parking lot, an impatient and animated, but natty, Bob Novak repeatedly blared his horn, waved his arms, and screamed unintelligbly  from the cockpit of his late 20th century convertible Corvette.  His top was down.  Apparently, the guard at the gate had the temerity to actually do his job and check the i.d. of the cars entering the lot before him. 

Karl Rove is viewing the Corcoran exhibition, "Norman Rockwell's Four Freedoms: Paintings That Inspired the Nation" right fucking now. [5/28] Gotta love freedom. Everyone 'round here keeps joking that two of the freedoms are now missing. yuk. yuk. yuk.

I just saw James Carville entering my office building on the corner of Connecticut Ave & K Street [6/1]. He was talking on his cell phone. I held the door open for him and he did nothing to acknowledge the gesture.


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