Wonk'd: What, No Stephanopoulos? Edition

Sightings of foul-mouthed reporters, evil geniuses and other famous-for-D.C. types are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: Sharpton, the Liebermans, Trading Spaces stars, Omarosa, Dole, Rove, Carlson, Koppel.

Saw Al [Sharpton] last week [6/4] at National Airport before a flight to LaGuardia.  He and his wife were getting smoothies, he ordered Strawberry Banana. 

Saw Joe and Hadassah Lieberman at the Georgetown Freshfields (on Wisconsin Avenue) on Thursday evening, June 10th. The senator was in heavy casual mode (blue jeans and a blue polo shirt), and they looked to be doing some comparison shopping.

Famous for DC sighting last night [6/15] at Sushi-Ko in Glover Park - sat right next to Doug and Hildy, designers from TLC's trading spaces ... I say famous for DC in that my boyfriend had no idea we were dining near famous cable-tv stars.

Viewing of "Control Room" at Shirlington art-y house cinema [6/19], spotted both Brian Lamb and Gawker's Henry the Intern.

Ok -- this is totally not even cool enough for our interns to care about but for two weekdays [6/21, 6/22] in a row now the personification of evil known as Omarosa has been over at the DNC.  I don't know why she is here, but I wish she would go away because her perfume makes our office smell bad. 

At 9:25 this morning (Thursday, 6/24), I saw Bob Dole leaving an office building and getting into a car on the 1300 block of G Street. He was accompanied by another white man in a suit. The Senator looked trim, well and happy, and taller than I expected.

Last night [6/24] at about 8:30, my girlfriend and I were having dinner at La Chaumiere in Georgetown when we had an unpleasant encounter with Karl Rove.  The restaurant has a covered entranceway and we had stepped out there with our cocktails to have a cigarette.  She was on one side of the entrance and I on the other when I leaned over to give her a kiss.  Just then, two men walking double-time came right toward us under the awning.  Startled, I pulled back and they barreled right between us and into the restaurant.  The guy in front was Rove.  Apparently realizing he had interrupted our kiss, he made a quip over his shoulder, “Recapture the moment!”... Somehow, we were unable...  

Tucker Carlson at 12:15 a.m. [6/25] Fahrenheit 911 show in Georgetown.

He's barely a celebrity, but I count this as a most auspicious time to be sighting him, given that Cheney shot off his potty mouth in public again yesterday: Adam Clymer, National Press Club Reliable Source restaurant, Friday June 25, 12:30-ish. He was having a martini with his lunch, although I couldn't tell the dish.

Ted Koppel lunching outdoors at High Noon (19th & M) in today's [6/29] fabulous weather. He was with a friend and looked very relaxed and happy.


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