Wonk'd: What Passes for Famous

Sightings of political figures, D.C. restauranteurs and other persons of interest are sent in by readers. Send yours to .

In this issue: former presidential candidates, Matthew Yglesias (yes, the Matthew Yglesias) and George Stephanopoulos.

· Sunday, I am sitting in the local Kosher Pizza place in Rockville Maryland, Sienna's  and I look over at the next table and Joe, Hadassah and daughter chowing down. He really is just a regular guy.

·Rep. Gephardt and wife flying back Monday morning at the 10:55 American flight from Miami to Washington National, looking rested, and reading at least ten papers. Flying coach in the back of the plane as well...

· Last Wednesday, heading home from work, I boarded the Orange Line in the direction of Vienna. The car was packed and I was crammed against the divider near the middle doors, trying to read a book, which was somewhat difficult because two people (a guy and a girl) were having a very loud and animated conversation regarding the Democratic primaries about 10 feet away. . .

. . . I couldn't see the guy because his back was to me, but after a few stops and ten minutes of nonstop political wankery, the car cleared out a bit and I was able to move to the other end to get away from them. When I finally got situated at the far end of the car, I looked back wondering "who is that pretentious ass?" Turns out it was Matthew Yglesias. At least I think it was him. It may have been just some other pretentious ass. [Ed. note -- Yglesias claims that "if that was me, it happened last Tuesday, not Wednesday." So noted.]

· classic neuvo-washington moment; george [stephanopolos] on the treadmill, with nobody talking to him and osmar (former manager at Andalu, now the new head honcho at spank [a.k.a. MCCXXIII], and is either of turkish, jewish, or argentine origin) with about five girls dripping off of him on the treadmill next door. sign of the times. another mystery: another friend has confirmed at george ALSO works out at Washington Sports Club. Why the two gyms?


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