Wonk'd: Who Comes Out in August Edition

Sightings of pundits, aging teen idols and other famous-for-D.C. types are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: Usher, LaHood, Stein, Hunt, Richardson, Stein, Danes, Wilson, Firestone, Sperling, McCain, Schroeder, Frank.

I was at the Columbia, MD mall Friday afternoon [7/30] when I heard a great commotion outside a baseball cap store. 50 or more people were in the aisle, and they all started cheering and clapping. From the crowd emerges Usher, accompanied by several bodyguards and hangers-on. He paraded through the mall with a black Atlanta Braves cap on. The brim was completely flat. Is that in style now? Are the frat boys out of fashion? Usher was shorter than I'd imagined, although I hadn't given the matter much thought previously.

Sunday, Aug 1, 1030PM, Saw Congressman Ray LaHood (18th Ill.) driving east on K St from Georgetown in his definitely uncool dark Buick sedan with Illinois congressman license plate, number 18, turning left onto 18th and heading north...all the while with a cell phone plastered to his head. From the way he was driving, maybe the cell phone wasn't all that was plastered.

I saw Ben Stein on the upper patio of Sequioa with a fetching, petite, late 30's early 40's blonde. [8/2] They were each eating some sort of multilayed, multicolored sorbet dessert and wearing that annoying carnival wristband that the bouncers seem attach to the hairiest part of your arm.  The crowd maintained a laissez faire too-cool-for-famous-for-DC-types pose.  I left before anybody drunkenly insisted he perform the "Bueller" schtick or recite his favorite Nixon speech, but I'd like to think that it happened.

al hunt -- saw him "ambling" outside of the "Ascot" restaurant. [8/2] Didn't look like he was going to make it much further along.  The hair was in great shape, but the rest of him was looking sorry.   

I think I saw Gov. Bill Richardson walking down L St. between Constitution and 18th at about 2:15 [8/2]. I was watching from my 3d-floor window so I can't be sure it was him (also because I would have expected him back in New Mexico by now).

I saw Jake Stein eating lunch about 1:30 at Bacchus. Yes, he was wearing a bow tie.

Almost positive I saw Claire Danes enjoying a late night supper [8/4] with a male and female friend at The Diner in the Adams Morgan section of Washington, D.C. last evening. Two friends and I were too busy giggling like a bunch of schoolgirls to ask for an autograph. That would have been, like, so...ummm...

4pm on August 4th, in front of Union Station: Ambassador Joe Wilson, with two large suitcases, in a long line for a cab (and fidgeting nervously, impatiently). One of the red caps told all the people they had to move the line somewhere else, and he loudly proclaimed "Oh, Fuck!" Calling all kinds of attention to himself.

Andrew "The Bachelor" Firestone is in town tonight [8/5]. I sighted him at Old Glory (Georgetown) on the back deck -- he was with a blond lady and another guy. Our waiter said he tipped well. He had the California look going on, and I was surprised to see that he looks about 18 years old in person.

saw Gene Sperling [8/6] in the McPherson Square Starbucks -- same building that is home to Kerry's campaign. (Makes sense.) Much shorter than I would have imagined. Seemed like a decent guy.

john mccain on an 8 AM [8/9] Southwest flight out of BWI to Islip Long Island. He was alone, dressed in a suit, reading USA Today, smart tie, ugly tassel loafers. I was heading to Fire Island for some ass-f*cking - I seriously doubt McCain was.

As an avowed liberal and native Coloradoan I was very excited to spot former Representative Pat Schroeder having dinner at Rosa Mexicano last night (August 11).  She and her pipe-smoking companion (husband, presumably) looked surprisingly like suburban tourists in their printed tee shirts and sneakers.  Sadly, Ms. Schroeder was the highlight of the evening...the service, food, and margaritas sucked.

I'm a tad tipsy now, which I know you'd appreciate, but, at 6:00pm today, I was outsied the CVS on 17th and P and, as I was pocketing my Diet Mountain Dews into my backpack, Rep. Barney Frank walked by, sans umbrella or jacket (of any sort) -- he was wearing a pink shirt, a tad disheveled (it wasn't neatly tucked-in -- it was a hodgepog of tucked-in, tucked-out).  I followed him to his launderer (clothes launderer, that is).  Anyways, I knew that, while his head was in the rain -- it became shitty an hour or two before -- his heart was with McGreevey -- who came out two hours before. 


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