Wonk'd: Who Says You Need a Legitimate Reason Edition

Sightings of political figures, media types, and beefy mouthpieces are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: Olson, Blankley, Lockhart, Matthews, Tapper, Stephanopoulos, Emmerich, Ginsburg (twice!), Turner, Richards, Frum, Hitchens.

In celebrity sighting news (well, if you call these people celebrities), Ted Olson, Solicitor General and right wing conspirator extraordinare, was seen last Monday [4/12] at a fundraiser for the Shakespeare Theater at the Supreme Court. Mr. Olson was seated at Justice Ginsburg's table for dinner. Do you think he was trying to convert her? Do they give appliances for that?

Spotted today [4/15]: Tony Blankley, sitting alone at a table in front of the Starbucks in the 1700 block of Penn.  Tony was wearing a very expensive-looking suit, one which also had the unfortunate effect of making him look like a grade school principal on Halloween - milk chocolate jacket and slacks, pumpkin-orange shirt, similarly autumnal tie.  He was drinking what appeared to be a "grande"-sized drink, and appeared to be as content as a moo-cow in a green pasture, leisurely checking out the passing scenery.

Joe Lockhart was at Ortanique Thursday [4/16] chatting up the under 30 female staffer set during a congressional recess party (only in Washington does such an event qualify as a legitimate reason to try and have sex with boring people). He was looking, um, VERY healthy. Or big boned.

I had two media-type sightings this weekend [4/18], both on wheels. chris matthews was stopped a light on reno and macomb, scratching (i hope) his nose. later on the same drive, i encountered jake tapper speeding out wisconsin avenue in a bmw convertible. of course, it's a little harder to be certain about him, as he was driving like a bat out of hell.

This shouldn't even count as a sighting because it happens so frequently. . . but I saw George Stephanopoulos sauntering by the Safeway in Georgetown (Wisconsin and R Streets) on Sunday evening [4/18]. He looked focused, severe, and sweaty, like he just spent his jog pondering the finer points of Democratic electoral strategy. Or maybe he was just thinking about bangin' his wife?

At 6:00pm [4/20] in Washington Circle, a celebrity sighting.  “Truman Show” co-star Noah Emmerich spotted wearing blue jeans and a black jacket trying to blend in and look like a normal person by carrying a brief case and talking to a non-famous woman.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg spotted [4/20] getting in her car on the way to the Supreme Court, bringing along a Bundt cake that she did not carry herself.  Could be in honor of John Paul Stevens' birthday, which apparently is today -- can't venture a guess as to whether the celebration will occur before or after the Guantanamo Bay hearing.

Ted Turner and a frumpy, chumpy assistant-type reading him schedule as he walked down Connecticut Avenue from L Street [4/21]. . . Ted was nodding and making that annoying "ah, ah, ah" noise.

I just [4/22] spotted yellowed rose Ann Richards hoofing it in the rush-hour crowd and waiting for the light on 52nd and Fifth in her adopted Manhattan. Solo and not in the company of any ex-guvs, Doritos pitchmen or lesbian gossip columnists. Yes, she looked good in her snow-white hair, superblack shades and black pantsuit, but she was clutching that purse like the rush-hour crowd was about to snatch it from her steely grasp. Easy, girl.

Thursday night [4/22], 9:30 PM in the window of the bar area at La Tomate: Seated together at tiny table were David "Axis of Evil" Frum and Christopher "A Mighty Wind" Hitchens. Frum talking animatedly, leaning over the table toward Hitchens, who was coiled back in his chair and looking somewhat like a bored python lulling its prey into a false sense of security before striking. No sign, alas, of Al Qaeda/Iraq conspiracy monger Laurie Mylroie, though she probably would not have felt the least out of place. . .


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