Wonk'd: Wildcard Edition

Sightings of political figures, media types, and sports fans are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: Omarosa, Rock, Russert, Esposito, Carville, Baucus.

At 1789 on Saturday night [3/27], Omarosa at the bar trying to look both discreet and not scary, both impossible considering the bar barely fit her and she's, by nature, scary. She had an obscenely large engagement ring on her finger, leading me to believe getting "fired!" can lead to love.

Chris Rock was at Ortanique Restaurant on 11th Street, NW for a private party [3/28]. He finished shooting his new HBO Special “ Never Scared” at Constitution Hall and proceeded to Ortanique to meet  DJ Grandmaster Flash who “spun” the tables all night long.  Also there to dance and enjoy a the “amazing” cuisine of Ortanique was DJ Doug E. Fresh and his whole gang.

Last night [3/31] Tim Russert opened the “Baseball as America” exhibit at the Museum of Natural History, apparently because the Museum of American History didn’t have any space for it. The donor set munched on ballpark food –peanuts, hot dogs, and “grand slam coleslaw” – under the watchful gaze of a trumpeting elephant, while a swing band played “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” The bar was below a sign for the museum’s “Earliest Traces of Life.” When Russert introduced 34 “living legends” from baseball’s Hall of Fame, which he called “a club more exclusive than the U.S. Senate,” the players – Ernie Banks, George Brett, Joe Morgan – waved proudly from the “Elephant Discovery Station,” only to take off in a private bus [after] munching cracker jack with the mortals.

[4/1] giancarlo esposito sporting very stylish threads: a black pork-pie hat and gray pinstripe suit in Longworth HOB

Spotted [4/1]: James Carville at National Airport, buying nuts and picking up an issue of...get this...Bizarre Magazine! For the uninitiated, Bizarre concerns itself with bizarre sex, bizarre violence, and bizarre people. . . Is the Ragin' Cajun what he eats...nuts?

I happened to see Sen. Max Baucus and his dog outside the Starbucks at Connecticut & R today [4/4] around noon holding what looked like a grande latte. He was listening to a woman go on about her sister’s work for “fair trade coffee.” He seemed half bored by the conversation and half distracted by his very white and very yappy miniature poodle.


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