Wonk'd: Wonkette gets Wonk'd in Boston

Things have wrapped up in Boston, so Wonk'd will return to its regular programming of bringing you sightings of famous-for-Washington people, in Washington, sent in by our readers. The final round of Beantown sightings include MatthewFuckingYglesias, Sen. Tom Harkin, David Brooks and a meta-Wonk'd Ana Marie Cox.

If you see someone out there and want the world to know about it, email us at tips@wonkette.com.

Superstar Matthew Yglesias was spotted Wednesday afternoon wandering around the media pavilion outside the Fleetcenter. Phones stopped ringing and a yellow glow appeared around him as he made his way through the center.

Overheard at the DNC outside the Fleet Center McDonald's counter: Tom Harkin surrounded by a group of older men, him laughing and saying loudly, "I'm naughty, I'm naughty."

Noemi and I saw (David Brooks) as he stepped out of a cab near the School of Education. He then followed us for a few blocks toward Harvard Square. Interestingly, he towed a copy of the New York Post; perhaps he wanted to know what Virginia Postrel thought of his latest work in "comic sociology." He also looked portlier than his newspaper portrait suggested. It probably resulted from a few too many cracks at spending $20 on a Red Lobster meal.

In my sleep-deprived delirium last night, I realized that my column often veers into strange places, toward the kind of coverage offered by Ann Marie Cox, referred to as the Wonkette (from the name of her Internet site), who I have discovered is avoiding me here in Boston.

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