Wonk'd: You Mean Larry King Is Alive? Edition

Sightings of political figures, media tyes, and gay-seeming Bushies are sent in by readers. Send yours to . In this issue: Larry King, the K-man, and Matt fucking Yglesias.

Larry King at lunch today (March 5) at the Palm in Washington.  Very thin. Large head (I have one myself).

King pin. Just saw Larry King walking down M St. in a black leather Members Only jacket and jeans, head thrust forward in that stooped old man kind of way, barking at the three style-free middle-aged men flanking him. Couldn't hear the rustle of an adult diaper as he passed by. His legs are the skinniest-looking things this side of Full Frontal Fashion. Fortunately, he was wearing jeans.

Saw Henry Kissinger arrive at the corner of 18th and K in a black, blackened windows Ford Explorer. He looked stooped, and haggard, and was trailed by a pimply kid wearing an earphone.

Might have to check the spelling, but I walked by George Stephanopoulos [Yes, I did -- Ed.] Saturday afternoon (3/6) in Foggy Bottom's West End. Didn't even realize it was him at first, he was talking on a cell-phone and sporting a pair of warm-up pants. He headed into the Ritz-Carlton, presumably for the gym. Watching him cross the street, you couldn't help but be struck by his pintsize body and balloon-like head: he looks literally like an animated bobble-head doll.

Matt Yglesias sighting: I've never actually met the man, but I'm 99% certain it was he: walking north on Connecticut + entering the Woodley Park station, on Saturday afternoon around 1:15. Jabbering into a cell phone, his free arm swinging back and forth in a wide pendulum. Only fragments of conversation I caught were "wants to be president" and "the entire Islamic world."

Sunday the 7th about 6pm I was having a beer at the Sam Adams bar in the middle terminal at National, waiting for a flight to Chicago, when I saw Donna Brazile disembark; she looked like a woman on a mission, in an ill-fitting green suit. Soon after, Grover Norquist sauntered off the same flight. I chatted with him for a minute, and he seemed very satisfied with whatever roguish plot he had just put into action.

Saw North Dakota Sen. Byron Dorgan at the Bohemian Caverns jazz club on Saturday night. He was with a striking woman of 50ish whom I'm assuming was his wife -- though it would be much more interesting if she weren't. I realize this is probably the dullest citing you've gotten yet. [We'll take it. -- Ed]


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