Wonkette Accused Of Not Loving Hillary Clinton

What newspaper used this Letters to the Editor graphic? Answer in the Comments!Dear Editor,

I am done. As much as I enjoy reading the adolescent snarky head-lines and the news that they allege to describe, I am fed up. Wonkette consistently uses Senator Clinton as a punching bag. It is my opinion that Wonkette is as culpable as the rest of the low brow general media with their emotionally laden bludgeons on Senator Clinton.

Although this is far from a comprehensive list hear some of the things I have read recently that stick out in other left wing press blogs: Clinton is braying rather then laughing, can't trust her, she barged in to a restaurant rather then entered to campaign, can't trust her and she's calculated rather then nuanced and smart, and today Wonkette reports on how awful and stupid she was for thanking the people in Florida for voting for her. And by the way their support doesn't count! Come fucking on.

Whether Senator Clinton took any delegates is a news item not the real story. My friend in Florida is pretty upset that you and the rest of the media talking heads think her vote means nothing. Yea! Another disenfranchised American is told to STFU. Good job at eating our young Wonkette. Good job at showing women what they are in for if they are smart and try to have any power in our world. Keep it up and you will see a backlash by women at the polls. I am sick of it and other women are sick of it too. I am taking Wonkette off of my reader.


Reverend Allyson K. Day


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