Wonkette Already Way Ahead On This Russian Vodka Boycott

Wonkette Already Way Ahead On This Russian Vodka Boycott

As you may have heard, Russia recently passed a terrible law targeting its LGBT community, banning "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations" and imposing fines on anyone who provides information to minors about the existence of non-heterosexual human beings. In essence, it's now a crime in Russia to be gay or to talk about being gay. This is not going over especially well among the rational human community, and so efforts have gotten underway to boycott Russian vodka as well as to protest / boycott the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Now people are pouring out all their lovely Stoli (your Editrix's preferred libation, on the rocks, with a twist; it is the twist, she says, that makes it delicious) into the streets.

Yr Doktor Zoom is all for this, although our pre-existing preference for brown liquors is likely to blunt the economic impact of our alcohol-purchasing choices. Yr Editrix laments that we do not have any bourbon ads, so we so we could be all YEEEAH DRINK THIS INSTEAD, but why should that stop us? And so, in solidarity with Russia's gheys and with the many gay bars that are pouring Stoli down the drain, we say, DRINK BULLEIT.


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Doktor Zoom

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