Wonkette Alum Report: Dead Princess Di, Dead John Lennon, Nature House Thing


Hello! The boss said to post a link to his new column about, uh, sustainable housing (?), but to make it look magnanimous by also linking to some actually funny stuff written by other Wonkette alumni from the class of 2010 or whenever. So here goes!

  • Juli Weiner is now in charge of Vanity Fair's magazine covers featuring long dead members of the British Royal Family, and her VF covers will mercilessly stomp Newsweek in the "dead royals photoshopped into pictures of alive royals" genre of modern magazine cover design. [Vanity Fair]
  • Speaking of dead royals, putting dead Princess Di as an alive 50-year-old person standing next to actually alive surviving royal children/spouses is a joke by Jack Stuef, from two years ago. And now it has come 100% true. Thanks, Jack? [Jack Stuef/The Onion]
  • Jim Newell won seven Pulitzers for explaining that congresspeople will only go to work in the summertime if they're allowed to dress in ridiculous seersucker old-timey suits and bowler hats and carry white canes. Seersucker, though. Mostly seersucker. Picture cannot be unseen. Also: Was John Lennon actually a Reaganite neo-conservative? This is not a Slate contrarian essay. [Gawker]
  • Retired editor Ken Layne has a new twice-monthly column on this fair/sustainable housing (?) website. He is going around making people turn their crappy tract houses into beautiful modernist nature buildings, apparently. Oh and his book is an Indie Press Book Pick, according to Twitter and Left Eye On Books, which is a reading site for the right-eye impaired. [Four Story/Twitter]

We are now trying to write something funny about Amazon seceding from California or whatever's going on. Who will win in 2012? Okay bye for now.


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