Wonkette Answers: Demo-crazy Plaza, You Mean!

R.B., in a swing state, asks:

NBC is running its election shows from someplace called "Democracy Plaza." Did the government buy the naming rights from Rockefeller? And what would Fox's outdoor set be called? Rightwing Road? Death to Liberals Lane? O'Reilly's Phone Booth?
Fox's outdoor set is called "Peepland." I can actually speak to the "Democracy Plaza" issue with some expertise, as I am headed there in, oh, less than an hour. I'll be a part of an exhibit on the objectification of women. . . Uhm, I mean bloggers. Markos from Daily Kos and Hindrocket from Powerline will flank me to the left and right, and we will be on hand to dispense wisdom garnered from the spooky internet thingee that the people at NBC are just learning about. I think we may be encased in glass on the off chance that Chris Matthews gets confused and mistakes us for journalists.

Blogging will continue.


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