Wonkette Answers: Timing of Terrorist Attack

Wonkette occasionally answers questions. Send yours to: . A reader writes in to wonder about the extraordinary talents of the new Homeland Security nominee:

In the linked CNN story regarding the appointment of Chertoff, Bush is quoted as saying, "He understood immediately that the strategy on the war on terror is to prevent the attacks before they occur."


My question: is there another way to prevent an attack?  Is it possible to prevent an attack after it occurs?


I await illumination with bated breath.

We are pleased to respond to someone who uses "bated" correctly. (Our own hamfisted word wrangling makes us especially impressed when someone can get that kind of thing right on the first try.) It must be your sensitivity to language that caused you to think twice about Bush's fulsome praise. But let's not get bogged by language or missing WMD or the lack of connections between 9/11 attackers and Iraq! If there's one thing this president has taught us is not only are the rules of language fungible, those of common sense are as well! So, invade a country to prevent an attack or in retaliation for one. Whatever. Bomb until done. Don't forget to leave them lots to rebuild!

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