Wonkette Answers: Where to Now?

So, as many of my friends out here in "liberal" San Francisco feel, can we start a petition drive to secede from the country?  And where and how do I find a outlet for my uncontrollable rage at the stupidity and dangerous rightwing trend of this country?  While punching a republican and/or disowning my Bush voting parents provides a small relief, I want to know what I can do to get on the ground floor of the revolution to save America for my kids.  Please help.  I can't keep popping vicodin and drinking for the next 4 years. 



Where are all the hip young intellectuals heading?  I'd hate to end up in France if all the cool kids are going to Canada, and vice versa.


Sign me,


We love it when other people do the work. Props to the pessimists at Harper's, who have thoughtfully put together a list of options available to those who would just as soon leave America if it means loving Bush or, for that matter, bush, to judge by all those No Ass-Fucking referendums that passed yesterday. You've got the the usual suspect nations (France, Canada, the Caribbean), plus more adventurous and in-your-face routes, such as taking to the seas, living on an Indian reservation, or forming your own country. We sort of hate to pack so we'll be headed somewhere closer to home: The state of denial.

As for popping vicodin and drinking for four years: Well, it worked the first time.

Electing to Leave: A reader’s guide to expatriating on November 3 [Harpers.org]


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