Wonkette Answers: Wither Wonkette?

We've been getting a little more mail than usual about the State of the Blog, i.e.:

Who the hell is "Greg Beato" and where the fuck are you?
Yes, it seems that an update is in order. To take the second question first: Wonkette is in Washington, full-time now as a matter of fact. Mr. Wonkette, recently of New York Magazine, has decided to do something a little more trendy and superficial and will be editing a new section at CQ Weekly. (More ass-fucking, I told him, congressmen love that.)

As for Greg Beato (pronounced "bee-a-toe"), he is a homeless person who used to work for Suck. Gawker media has generously put him to work filling the space between the ads left on Wonkette.com while I hammer away at my forthcoming novel (which was due approximately yesterday). Soon he will be able to afford a refrigerator box to call his very own.

You know, this is the kind of thoughtful, reasoned dialog that makes us really miss more frequent reader interaction. How about this: We'll be taking questions all day (to ); we just found a liquor store that delivers.


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