Wonkette Awkwardly Heads to New Hampshire

manchesternh.jpgWonkette will kick off its firsthand, groundbreaking, on-the-scene coverage of the 2008 primary season this weekend in quaintest New Hampshire colony! Yours truly will team up with Liz "Videographer to the Stars" Glover to provide five days and four nights of investigative New Journalism. Coverage will start with frequent updates tomorrow afternoon, like 1 or 2 p.m. or maybe later, through the weekend and Monday and Tuesday (the day it happens!).

We don't want to disclose the mighty itinerary we've prepared -- no, for real -- lest the campaigns get wind of it and ban us from the state. For example: We hear Hillary has an open question policy now? What lovely [HYPOTHETICAL] timing! The Paultards will move in herds across Manchester? I wonder what it would be like to [HYPOTHETICALLY] join one...

So please, come back mid-afternoon tomorrow for the opening ceremony and fireworks display. And if you'd like us to show up at your gathering or party or house, we'll probably do it, so e-mail us.

Know Hope.


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