Wonkette Babby Wins All-Important New Hampshire 'Morning Joe' Primary

This is what it would look like if Joe and Mika were young parents of a stolen Wonkette Baby.

ALL HAIL WONKETTE BABY! You already know that, because you "all hail" her all the time. But if you were doing your normal routine Tuesday, which is obsessively staring at the respective Twitter feeds of Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, just to see when they might be on the television next, and then canceling your butthair waxing session when you find out they're doing LIVE COVERAGE FROM NEW HAMPSHIRE, you might have seen a special Wonkette-type thing on your television!

It seems one Ms. Donna Rose, heiress daughter of Editrix Rebecca Schoenkopf and her loving Shypixel, made a guest appearance on the "Morning Joe" special afternoon New Hampshire coverage! Here is a video:

And here is a transcript:

JOE: Who's this? What's going on?

MIKA: Donna Rose! She's a Bernie baby!


MIKA: Yes she is. That's what her dad says.

JOE: I think she's from a divided house.

IS THAT TRUE, DONNA ROSE? She's not telling.

The rest of the transcript is WORDS WORDS WORDS POLITICS WORDS, while Mika coos over the baby, and WORDS WORDS SHUT UP SO MUCH YOU GUYS while Joe coos over the baby, and then the commentators try to make words except they can't help but notice how WONKETTE BABY IS BEING THE CUTE RIGHT NOW.

See? This is Jennifer Horn, chair of the New Hampshire Republican Party, and she can't even right now with the cuteness that's happening:

Then some other lady said Donald Trump's ground game in New Hampshire was "low-energy" or something, which prompted Donna Rose to shoot her some side eye like WHATEVER, LADY.

Here is Mark Halperin attempting to make a "Babies are cute and I have human emotions also too" face:

Finally, Donna Rose settles in for a brief snooze with her new Uncle Joe Scarborough The Republican, who, as you can see, was super sweet with her:

[contextly_sidebar id="FId4CkOD9JGd2RRgTHanFhf9px2j1Zxd"]Wonkette Baby and also her editrix mommy will have a full report on the New Hampshire leg of their Wonkebago world tour of U.S. American political events, and if you appreciate the kind of hard-hitting journalism that only occurs when you are a baby in a pink hat who can get big political scoops just by virtue of her cuteness, you should PROBABLY send Wonkette some moneys, like right now. 

Who will Donna Rose interview next???? Sean Hannity, probably, AWWWWWW WON'T THAT BE SNUGGLY?

[Morning Joe]

Evan Hurst

Evan Hurst is the managing editor of Wonkette, which means he is the boss of you, unless you are Rebecca, who is boss of him. His dog Lula is judging you right now.

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