Wonkette Calls for Panel Panel!

We've been following the scandal over the National Press Club's panel on blogging and journalism. Vital issues are being raised: Who is a blogger? Who is a liberal? Who gets paid to take it up the ass? Some are mau-mauing the NPC to put GannonGuckert specialist/obsessive John Avarosis on the panel; some have suggested that the "liberal" blogosphere be represented by one of the vast range of other commentators available, perhaps Atrios or Josh Marshall (that's someone who's either a lawyer or an academic, people. Talk about diversity!) In any case, there is a more obvious solution. Have another panel.

Now that anyone with an open conference room can have a panel, the days when you could tell who deserved to be on a panel by looking for a water carafe and a placard are long gone. Wonkette Whore Club will convene a session to discuss the vital issue of who should be on panels and who should write hysterical letters to panel organizers demanding to be on the panel. Panelists and non-panelists will debate the difference between them. Invited to participate are:

-- The Agonist (expert in who "owns" what story)

-- Steve Gilliard (expert in who is a good enough liberal)

-- Andrew Sullivan (panel whore)

-- Someone from Powerline (just following orders)

-- Me! (because it's my panel)

-- Terri Schiavo (news maker)

-- Jeff Gannon (ass-fucker)

CNN's Abbi Tatton will moderate, mostly by drawing yellow lines on panelists' foreheads.

We've heard rumblings that we should invite someone from the National Press Club. Ha! That would be like inviting a defendant to participate on his own jury. Or at his own trial. Something. It's just wrong.

How about someone other than Wonkette's Cox? and Keep Guckert/Gannon away from the press club [Poynter Letters]


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