Wonkette Comments Are New, Improved

Big changes! Wonkette Comments have been totally revolutionized! All the new features will probably work eventually!

You've probably noticed some of the changes already, but today we announce them, because they're mostly functional. New Wonkette Comments features include:

  • Commenter Pages. All of you now have a special page showing all the comments you've made across all Gawker sites. The page is accessible by clicking on the "Edit My User Profile" link underneath the comment box (when you're logged in).

  • Commenter Avatars. You know, little pictures next to your screenname. Just like Haloscan! Upload them on your aforementioned commenter page.

  • Most ground-breaking of all is our new commenter approval system. This is how it works: Anyone and everyone can write comments. Comments written by suckers without privileges will be sent to a queue where, eventually, someone will read it and decide if you're funny enough for it to show up on the site. If that happens, you're good for life! Or until we ban you.

Enjoy! The intern we're forcing to read unapproved comments certainly will!


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