Wonkette ‘Deceived By Satan’ Re: His Fave Grandma, Sarah Palin


Remember the Ironic Tale of crazy gun/god fanatic Sarah Palin beingthreatened by a crazy gun/god fanatic? Guess who doesn't like that kind of story? Crazy gun/god fanatics who are also Sarah Palin fanatics! Could this somehow result in a "Comment of the Day" feature on your Wonkette? Oh yes it can! "I hope the hate and lies get cleaned out of your heart someday," types this person, with compassion. But why is this commenter threatening to perform savage open-heart surgery on us? We don't even have a pickup truck full of guns!

You hate mongering jerks make me sick. You have nothing better to do than lie and say false witness against Sarah. Then when someone threatens her, you sneer and say she deserves it. Yeah, right. What a bunch of hate mongering jerks. You will stand in front of God someday, and give an account of yourselves, and it won't be pretty. Sarah's going to be a lot better off than you on judgment day. Your hatefullness and coldness of heart angers me. But I must remember to have compassion for you. You are obviously deceived by Satan, and need to have your heart and mind renewed. I hope the hate and lies get cleaned out of your heart someday. It will be a shock to you, I'm sure, to suddenly see clearly again.

Stop threatening us with Christine O'Donnell's Satanism, you wiccan freaks!


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