Wonkette Does Austin

coxblocked.JPGAccounts of Wonkette's Austin appearance at SXSW varied widely. Some people were emotionally devastated by her mere presence: "Wonkette makes some solid points about journalism, the mainstream media and credibility." Others just didn't cotton to her: "She listened very closely to me with a big smile...she looked right into my lovesick eyes and answered me." And one guy clearly wanted to steal one of her soiled socks and a lock of her hair, crush these things into a poultice and consume it slowly and greedily, thus commingling her soul with his soul for all eternity: "AMC says some words. A friend a few rows over has literally fallen asleep in his seat. Wow, the ceiling in this room is really interesting. It's all griddy and well-lit. Wouldnt it be cool if gravity reversed itself so the ceiling was actually the floor?" To top it all off, the party thrown in honor was so exclusive she couldn't even get into it.

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