Wonkette Does Boston

We are so embarrassed. Scooped by the WP's Reliable Source and about our own career, no less! Today he reports that Wonkette will be covering the Democratic National Convention for MTV News, and there's some speculation as to whether Ana Marie Cox is a name that's "cool" enough for the youth-oriented network -- maybe I should use my porn name instead. (Because, let's face it, when it comes to the conventions, correspondents' names are the most interesting topic anyone could possibly come up with.) One correction: They misstated my porn name. Muffin Witchwood is my given name. Ana Marie Cox is my porn name.

The concern about my being too old for MTV is real, though I try to keep up with what the young people are into. I understand that this band "The Outkast" sells a lot of phonograph records. And I look forward to meeting the star of "Punk-ed," Ashley Kutcher, and his lovely special friend, Michael Moore. Another concern are the security risks at the convention; Maureen Dowd writes today that the Secret Service is advising journalists to bring gas masks.

I think I'll just bring duct tape. (Like I'm not wearing some right now!)

MTV Takes Wonkette Beyond the Beltway [WP, fourth item]

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