Wonkette Editors Can See Into The Future (When The Future Involves Puerto Rican Separatists)


So about a week ago your editor here was sitting around late at night wondering, as she so often does, what ridiculous theory she could turn into a post for NBC, and she decided to write some wingnutty thing about Sonia Sotomayor's senior thesis from her Princeton days. "As everybody can agree, senior theses are one of the best tools we have for evaluating potential Supreme Court justices,"she typed dumbly. "You should think about whether the Supreme Court really needs some judge who is so excited about Puerto Rican independence." And today, you'll never guess what they're writing about over at The Corner!

The titles of two recent posts:

Former (?) Puerto Rican Nationalist Nominated to North American Supreme Court

We've Waived the Right to Press Sotomayor on Being a Puerto Rican Separatist Who Couldn't Bring Herself to Say "United States"?

The lesson here is that being drunk when you write this "parody" stuff is not enough. You really need some cheap meth, too, if you're going to recreate the paranoiac rage.


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