WONKETTE EXCLUSIVE (I think): Lobbyists Cannot Leave the Building

An operative writes:

    In case you haven't already heard, the downtown office of D.C. legal powerhouse [/lobbying behemoth] Arnold & Porter is in lock down:

    "We closed the cafeteria at approximately 12:45 pm because we found envelopes of a suspicious nature.  We have called the authorities who responded quickly and are investigating the matter for us. They have arrived and have asked us to close the building, which we are doing now in compliance with their directive. At this point we have no reason that the food served in the cafeteria today was contaminated."

Can't confirm this (that would require "real reporting"), but we'll keep our email on.

UPDATE: Another Wonketteer reports, suggesting, at the very least, that two people are in on the joke. Or it's real:

    hey, I just drove down penn abt. 30 mins ago and 12th street in front of arnold & porter was closed (flares, MPD, EMS, firetrucks and all) for about 3 blocks...had to detour onto 13th
It's getting interesting. We may even pick up the phone. . .

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