Wonkette Exclusive: Photos From Sarah Palin's Rally In Fairbanks!


Last night Sarah Palin flew back to her ice cave and gave a rousing address to her people on the snowy tundra. An Undercover Moosketeer Obamatard kindly snapped a few candid photos from the rally and sent them along. Here we have the vice-president-to-be in literally the only unflattering photograph we have ever seen of her. And yet! Even here she is not looking crazy-eyed or duck-faced, just vaguely reptilian. Sarah Palin, we salute you.

Your meek undercover operative lodges a small, faint protest. Why doesn't this person want what's best for America?

Apparently "community organizer" isn't just secret code for "Black Panther." It also means "drag queen."

We saw these dumb hats all over St. Paul last week. Here it serves as a poignant reminder of how just how immune Alaska Republicans are to even a whiff of sexual innuendo.

Thanks secret anonymous Fairbanks photographer for the photos!

Governor brings the campaign home [Anchorage Daily News]


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