Wonkette: Free at Last! Free at Last!


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Welcome back, Websense-censorees! You are now free to read Wonkette. Which is great, because yesterday we learned that not only did John Ashcroft hate Wonkette, but so did Tommy Thompson, Elaine Chao, and several corporate executives. We also learned that if you use go beyond the Babelfish hint, and translate Wonkette from English into Spanish and back into English, "ass-fucking" becomes "ass-of excrement," which we are actually considering using as a synonym from now on.

Seriously. We've heard from the overlords at Gawker Media Empire and they say to cut down on the ass-fucking. Talking about it, I think they mean. So, what do you say, Wonketteers -- surely there can be no objection to "a**-f***ing"? Or perhaps just "buggery."

We will, however, stay away from "corn-holing."


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