Wonkette Gets Lucky and Other Obvious Puns

Photoshopped ClearlyYes, that's Wonkette in Lucky this month. Or: I don't remember the shoot very well, so I think that's me. I remember that dress. I remember trying to steal that dress. They also have a picture of me dressed to do something captioned as "reporting around the Capitol," which sounds fun. Could someone tell me where that is? And I am aware that the White House Correspondents' Dinner is on Saturday, April 30 not on, uhm, "Thursday." That's just when I start drinking. By Saturday, I won't care that I haven't been invited.

A blogger in the White House and now, a blogger in a fashion magazine. Truly, fake journalists are everywhere fake journalism already is.

UPDATE: Yes, I whored myself. Please stop asking me about the "WAC" outfit. [Gawker]


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