Wonkette Housekeeping Announcement

A list of things you may think we've forgotten about but we haven't:

1. The Sloganator. See memorial slide show here. (I am not too proud to admit that I teared up watching this. Of course, it's one of those days where long-distance ads make me cry, too.) Sloganator PDFs here. More JPGs to come here.

2. The Donald Capoccia Honorary Homo Award for Gayest-Seeming Bushie. We have many nominees. We will narrow them down. We had been worried this would get someone fired, but apparently the feds have decided gay-seeming is OK. Still no-go on the gay-being. Look for finalists tomorrow.

3. Thursdays with Tina. There is no Tina in the WP today. She's apparently too busy looking for penises in Gucci ads or something to write this week. Last week, well, my bad. Perhaps her absence today is a good excuse to finally translate that column.

A list of things we wish we had forgotten about but haven't:

Uhm. Will save this for the novel.


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