Wonkette HQ Explodes: Expect In-Depth WaPo Profile in 8 Weeks

Over here at Gawker Media Headquarters in New York, we've just received word (by Blackberry, natch) about a certain decrepit computer bursting into flames down at the Wonkette satellite offices. Yeah, we're thinking it too: lube + liquor = flaming disaster. In any event, the glorious Ms. Wonkette is reportedly a wee bit singed, so she may be unable to post for the remainder of the day. (Either that or she's lying to us because she's spending the afternoon "in Congress" or in rehab. We never know from up here.)

Senate aides with spare laptops are hereby requested to make contact. No questions asked. We all know something falls off that truck to the Pentagon every week.

Thank you for your patience in this time of national crisis.


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