Wonkette Interviews the Peaceful Park Dweller Hippie Fiends!


The Park Dwellers: In Their Own Words! Watch this brave anonymous high school teacher ("I hope my principal doesn't see this") talk about what's happening in New York that the National Media (all based in New York) refuses to cover because it's not Teabaggy enough: "A courageous effort … it opens up a dialog that needs to happen." Too hopeful for TeeVee! We got a lot of other good stuff on the FlipCam, including famous professor Cornel West! --

"Until now, the police and the courts seem to be conflating consent -- that most American of traditions upon which our country is founded -- they're conflating dissent with terror. And they're kind of doing it automatically." -- Reverend Billy (performance artist), the Church of Earthalujah

"What this is all about is a shift of power from oligarchs to ordinary citizens, and that's a step-by-step process" -- Cornel West

"Violence is really the only thing that will get you a ticket right out of this place" -- Justin the Occupier

That's all for now!

Wonkette's Riley Waggaman is living amongst the Occupy Wall Street protesters in Lower Manhattan.


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