Wonkette Is 2007 Unity Candidate! (So Vote For Us)

It's got a subway! - WonketteWhile we lost the "Most Humorous Weblog" nomination to, uh, Gizmodo, we are honored to be nominated for "best weblog about the politics." Every year through some mysterious process, people choose these nominees for the annual gala Bloggies event, which is held in outer space.

Here's how it works: You go to this site and vote for us. You can vote for other categories, too. (We don't care.) But it's really complicated, so we'll give you very specific instructions, after the jump.

Once you've voted, you put in your e-mail address (that one you only use for Casual Encounters ads) and then the Bloggies will send you an e-mail. You then have to click the thing and then your ballot is accepted. It's like Florida!

Here is a diagram:

Our competition this year is pretty much the same as last year. There are liberal blogs and a conservative blog, and the readers of those sites will all cancel each other out. If maybe 60 people vote for us, we win.

And why do we deserve it? Beyond the comedy, the insight, the heartbreak and the passion we bring you every day, we deserve it because we pretty much gave the House and Senate to those people you like, the Democrats. Cocktober, Macaca, Stranglin' Sherwood, Crazy Conrad Burns, etc. Remember? You're welcome.

Seventh Annual Weblog Awards [Bloggies.com]


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