mailbox.jpgWe get a lot of reader email around here, and we try our best to read each message (and to respond when necessary). Given the sheer volume of correspondence we receive, there were many candidates to choose from; but this message must win for "best email we've received in a long, long time."

It came in over the weekend, in response to our Friday afternoon post about the Cheneys' tax return. Here it is:

I gaot a tip for ya

News Flash: Dick Cheney Is Still Richer Than You Are

Stop getting so wrapped up in such pure hatred and envy!

Stop teaching others hatred and envy!

Try using that energy you are wating on dividing people and getting people slaughtered and try putting it to PRODUCTIVE use.

Poor you - not as rich as Cheney - GROW SOME BALLS. Take your energy and put it to work that can make you too rich. Ya lasy, intolerant , closed minded, hateful sacks of inhumane sludge.

We could make some snarky quip about how our blogging, while it may occasionally hurt people's feelings, doesn't "get[] people slaughtered." Or we could note the irony of decrying our "hatred and envy" while calling us "hateful sacks of inhumane sludge."

But we don't have time for that. We have to "take our energy and put it to work that can make us rich": BLOGGING!


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