Wonkette Mailbag: Second Bestest Reader Email

robin%20givhan%202.jpgThis afternoon, after blogging about Robin Givhan's Pulitzer Prize win, we received this email from a reader: "Was Robin Givhan married to Mike Tyson? Was this the same woman?"

Alas, no. If that were the case, our pants wouldn't be dry right now. A Pulitzer-winning Washington Post writer who (1) had been married to a former heavyweight boxing champ, and (2) had starred in "Head of the Class," would be a Wonkette wet dream.

This reader has confused Robin Givhan (above left) with Robin Givens (below right). As one can see from their photos, the two women look nothing alike. And aside from appearances, there are a host of other salient differences:


Givhan: Journalist; fashion critic (of "John Roberts's kids look like Easter eggs" infamy)

Givens: Actress (of "E! True Hollywood Story" infamy)

robin%20givens.jpgPrizes Won

Givhan: Pulitzer Prize for Criticism (2006)

Givens: ShoWest Female Star of Tomorrow (1991)

Preferred Methods of Injuring People

Givhan: By writing for the Washington Post

Givens: By running them over with her SUV

(We leave it to you to determine which causes greater pain.)

See? Telling apart African-American women is not rocket science.

(Capitol Police, were you paying attention? Or will Cynthia McKinney have to unleash a can of whoop-ass on you again?)


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