Wonkette Met A Fan Last Night!

So after our little tour of theRepublican Death Slave Equipment we went next door to The Liffey, the bar of choice for lazy journalists who want to get as many beers into their bodies as quickly as possible following four hours of hillbilly baying for Elitist Media blood. We sat down with a couple of the Reason kids, and this nice young lady came up and said, "So what did you think of the speech?"

Your Sara K. Smith sort of hedged, and Jim said he hated it, and Matt Welch said he thought it was great theater. Twenty minutes later, Matt was pressing a print copy of Reason into our new pal's hands and extolling the virtues of free minds and free markets, and she sort of politely said thanks, and then said, "So what I want to know is, where are all the Wonkette people?"

And we laughed and laughed.

Thank you, Juliet the Liberal! You made our evening.


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